Chat is a great feature to disscuss Music and other topics! Here are the fucking rules :P  

  1. NO Spamming Personal Advertisments 
  • This also includes Mass Spamming and Mass Acii art.

2. Cursing is allowed, But not Consistantly. 

3. No Insulting Users

  •  This Includes Bashing Users Personal Interests, Sexuality, Race, Gender, and Music Taste.

4.  Pornographic or Shock site material links WILL result in a Perma-ban or Block .

5. Invasions are NOT tolerated. 

6. Begging for Mod rights or Backseat Modding is not allowed or tolerated in main chat.

Moderators Edit

  1. TheUltimateh4m  Status - Currently Unknown 

Warning System + Moderation JudgementEdit

1st Offensive - Vebal Warning

2nd offense - Another Verbal Warning 

3rd Offense - Kick

4th Offense - Another Kick 

5th Offense - Ban (The Peroid of time will be decided by the moderatoration) 

Moderation Judgement is determined how long the ban should be, Users can be unbanned or banned at anytime with valid reasoning unless it's bluntly Innapropriate or Wrong. 

Arguing with moderators will result in a ban.